Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Tiny table for a tiny space

 I recently completed a dining table for a previous client. Actually, it’s for her mother who has moved into a small apartment and wasn’t able to find a table that would fit into the space available.  So, it needed to be custom built. I’ve made three other pieces and rebuilt another piece for this client so she called me! I was so happy to build this pretty table. It has tapered legs, and a simple detail in the apron. It’s stained with Varathane's Kona gel stain and has about 5 coats of polyurethane sealing it. 

This picture is from the owner. It’s perfect for her space and for her.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

What I’ve done in the past year, Aug 2019-Sept 2020.

 It’s been a looooong year so far.  The corona virus hit and life went into a spin. Weird times. Anyway, I did try to be busy even though my first inclination was to plop myself down in a chair with a book!  

I did, however, manage a few things this year.  And since I haven’t posted since last August, here’s a recap from most recent to back in August 2019...

Bifold custom doors for an older home. Standard, off the shelf doors wouldn’t fit. 

Sewing table for a repeat client. She’s been making and selling masks during the pandemic and needed a more permanent work station. 

This was a curbside find that I picked to redo for a Rustoleum challenge. From basic utility cabinet to rustic/glam beverage center. I sold this to a man who owned an elevator repair company and wanted it in his offices. 

This was for a woman I met in Home Depot, and first ended up making an additional shelf for her bedroom. She’s a crafter with limited mobility and needed more space near her work table. This is what we came up with for her. The bottom shelves roll out for easier access.  

This was a $20 estate sale find. It needed refinishing. It was sold to the grandparents of new twin boys. 

With schools closed, desks are a hot commodity. This was for the son of the lady for whom I built the sewing table. 

Steps for an aging pooch. A nephew that I have spent very little time with asked if I would help him build these. We had a good time learning a bit about each other.  

A desk and bookshelf for my grandson. He started pre-K from home this year and he really does sit here and work on his computer (he’s 4, turning 5 in October.)

This table was a freebie and not in the best of condition. And those ugly turkey foot legs!!!  I reshaped the feet, filled and repaired the top, refinished it. It sold to a nice young couple just starting out in a new home. 

This was for the brainiac 4 year old. But, it was a fail-turns out there brainiac is still just a 4 year old and couldn’t help but fool around and topple over!

My generous kids got me a Cricut machine and a bunch of accessories for my birthday. Something to keep me busy inside when it’s too hot or too cold in the shop. I still need to figure it out!

My college freshman granddaughter needed a more adult redo of her bedroom study area. New desk and vanity built from lumber milled by her dad. We also created a faux walk in closet using drapes and adding storage for shoes and other stackable clothes. 

Large lap desk for my son who works from home. 

New bedroom stuff for my college junior who moved from a dorm to an apt. 

This was an estate sale find, too. I cleaned it and put a clear finish on it. Sold it within 10 minutes of listing it on FB marketplace. 

New giant trellis for my back wall. I’ve planted jasmine and hope that by next spring it’s filling in. 

A platform for an aging dog to make it easier for him to reach his pooping space😂. Yep, really. 

Just a few of the cutting boards and charcuterie  boards I’ve made from scraps. 

A lot of drinking took place in 2020. 

Scraps used to make a top for logger-daughters jig-saw puzzle table. 

A new mail box for me!  Wood with a really cool top-too bad I didn’t take a picture of it. 

Yep, a lot of drinking.  

For my laptop, a carrier, storage space and lap desk all in one

$5 garage sale find. Sold (for much more). 

For some reason I’d wanted to make this since I saw the plans. Once built I didn’t like it. Gave it to my neighbor for his kid’s toys. 

Something else I saw and wanted to make. I have no idea what I’ll do with it. 

More cutting / serving boards

This was my daughters. It needed cleaning up and I sanded the top down and stained it. Then sold it. 

Another garage sale find. I cleaned it evened out the stain and made a cushion for it. Sold this pretty quickly. 

I didn’t make this. It belongs to my mask-making client. She’d purchased it from someone who made it for her. They didn’t have much skill. It needed a lot of work. She was happy with what I was able to do with it. 

A simple desk for an old coworker. 

First thing I built for the mask-maker. Simple hall table. 

I made a bunch of small bookshelves for a friend. She lived in senior housing that was small and didn’t have much storage. She found she had enough room for 5, 12” bookcases in different corners of her living area. So, that’s what we did.  The bigger one fit in her bedroom. 

I picked this up out of someone’s trash. Reshaped the legs to maths the broken one and used scrap material to cover the top. Turned out so cute. My niece had it in her living room-they owe me a dinner next time I’m in town!

And this happened 6 weeks earlier than expected. The docs added another son to their family. ❤️❤️❤️

Simple, long shelves for a client. 

These are just more of the bookshelves for my friend. 

Made a queen size bed with storage for my logger-grandson. 

Built pieces for a desk for my nephew (we’d purchased what we thought was a corner desk with hutch-we got hutch, one end unit and a top). 

For me. A bench with storage in my entryway. 

This is a table I made for the Docs, but I can’t remember when I made it. I think I’ve blogged about it already. 

Headboard and nightstands for my granddaughter when she first moved from her dorm. 

One of my favorite builds. I love the walnut base and the top with all its nooks and crannies. The finish is beautiful. Right now it’s in my bedroom. It’s listed for sake, and every month or so I get inquiries. But I’m asking a lot for this and if I never sell it, I’m happy using it!  

And, I’ve probably missed a few things, but that’s the past year of builds in a nutshell. 

The year included births and deaths, graduations, and travel. 
It’s been a year of challenge for most everyone. 
We still have 3 months left in 2020- I hope it’s easier on all of us.