Thursday, November 29, 2018

Tables Finished!

Hey there, remember last post I mentioned I was making two massive coffee tables for the Doc's in-laws?  And, that I hoped it would look somewhat like this?

Well, here they are finished.  I hope I'll have a picture or two to post once they are delivered and put in their planned places.  But, I think they are very close to their inspiration picture, and right now, I'm really happy with them.

Wood bases (2x8's cut to size 2x2, milled down, sanded, filled and sanded again-I only got two long pieces out of each section of 2x8; there was so much waste!)

Primed with Rustoleum black primer; three coats of Rustoleum black satin, two coats of Varathane satin polyurethane.

Table top is 1x3s cut to size, placed within a frame of 2x4, on the diagonal in 4 sections. All of it is glued onto a 1/2" plywood based.  Then, the top was flipped and screws were run through the plywood into each of the boards in at least two places.  The pine boards were then stained in different base colors (Varathane summer oak, Varathene basic gray, Minwax Early American, and Minwax Ebony, and Varathane weatherizer).  Sanded, filled, sanded, more stain, more sanding, more stain, more sanding until they looked old and weathered enough!  The edge trim is Minwax Ipswich pine and it went through the whole aging process with the rest of the table!

Finally, the tops received 4 coats of Varathane Satin Polyurethane. 

The tops will be screwed on from the bottom of the top rails of the base. 

These were another fun project.  But, I think this weekend it's time to move them to their new home!

Monday, October 29, 2018

It's Fall!!

Well, here we are again at the beginning of Fall.  This past summer was a scorcher, so I'm happy to welcome this season.  Happy for the cooler weather, and happy to work without sweat running into my eyes.  And, happy that there is work waiting for me to start!

Coming up, I'll be making two huge coffee tables for the Doc's other parents, Angie and Albert.  They have a huge new home with a massive sectional in the family room.  Originally, they wanted a table that was 54" wide by 104" long!  Can you imagine the walk you'd have to take to refill your wine glass???  I asked them to consider two smaller tables instead so that movement around the sofa/table area was not so restricted.  They did, and decided to go with two smaller tables at 44" x 44" square.  Hopefully, they will look something like this:

And, I'll be making a dog bed for little Penny Rose, the Doc's dog.

It should look like this:

Keep your fingers crossed that I can actually get them close!

I'm also going to be fixing and refinishing this hutch that once belonged to my Aunt Shirley.  When she passed away, I was able to take this hutch for my Logger Daughter.  It worked well in their tiny house.  Then they remodeled that house and it still worked well, but out in the garage as a secondary pantry area.  After that, it moved with them to their current home and became an entertainment center for their daughter's room.  I had to cut out a center shelf and cut a hole into the back.  Now, I'll be fixing it for my sis, who loves farmhouse type, sturdy, pretty, old looking (or old) furniture.  This will be great along side the pieces I've built for her.