Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Update on the sewing room and office

It's been a slow, slow summer for woodworking!  And, here we are into mid October and it still seems like Summer.  I did, however, get out to the garage yesterday and today, and the saw blades were turning!  It was good to be out there - I miss it, and am looking forward to spending even more time out there now that the weather seems more like fall.

I finally finished camper daughter's neighbor's sewing room and office niche.  There are still a few knobs to install, but the holes are drilled and T will be able to install those when she picks up the extra few she was missing.  So, I'm finished!

I'm sure a pro (like Don) would have given her a much better finished product.  But, I think it looks nice and it provides a whole lot of functionality.  I tried scribbing the tops for both the sewing room cabinet and the desk top - I'm not the best scriber!  T mentioned that she's already lost a photo behind the sewing room cabinet!  I've got a piece of trim for her to pick up and cut to size.  It's small and flexible so it might cover some of the larger areas and keep things from being lost forever!

So, here's the sewing room.
Those walls were so out of square.  I installed trim to bridge the gap between the wall and the tall cabinet.  There's crown moulding, but darn, you can't see that very well - but it looks pretty!


And the office - in use!
 Three large file drawers, three smaller drawers in the long run.  Small pencil drawer and cabinet in the short run under the window.  There were no studs in that wall with the shelves  -  I'd swear there weren't!  T's hubby had tried to find some and there had to have been 100 holes in the wall.  I had a hard time finding toggles that would work.  I did finally find something that would hold in the plaster.  Old houses!  I don't ever want to build something again that needs installation!!!
(This is in the master bedroom; I made night stands to match, each with 3 drawers - more storage!)


Happy Fall - and Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camper Granddaughter's bedroom update

Oh gosh, remember all the before pictures I teased you with?


Let's see them with the afters!

From old frame and desert art, it took adding a shallow box and paint to turn it into a
cute nail polish holder
(I understand this didn't hold all the bottles of nail polish!)

Same thrift store chair!  All it took was one day and 9 yards of $3 fabric to make it oh so chic.
It's a comfy chair for settling in and reading!  


Double "day" bed with 3 drawers on the usable side of the bed and the
side that's up against the wall has 3 cubbies (for use if she ever decides to turn it 90 degrees-I won't make drawers to fit, but she can find some baskets to use there!).  
If she does decide to turn it, we can raise and turn one side panel to be headboard height.

This little desk was more of a project than I thought it would be, but it's just perfect for her room.  She's added a mirror above it and all the thrift store items she purchased and painted silver.

Somewhere I have a picture of her "jewelry coffin" hanging on that wall where you see a night stand- but of course, I couldn't find it in any of the many albums and photo places on and off my computer!  It was a Christmas present this past year and because of it's size (about 18" wide, 4' tall, and 5" deep) Camper SIL named it the jewelry coffin.  He was hesitant to attach it to the wall until now, 
but it's finally up and with it's 4' tall mirrored door, it's being used every day!

Her mom and dad had the room painted, added new drapes, bought a few decorative items and with our thrift store finds - voila!  A little bit of Paris! 

What a treat to help make her room ready for a High School student.
Happy High School years, sweet girl!