Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bathroom Cabinets, oh my!

Some time ago I made a large Over John cabinet for Camper daughter.  They have a tiny main bathroom with no storage at all.  They'd been hemming and hawing about what they wanted for so long that I decided I'd build them something that they could use - or not.  I figured if they didn't want it, it would be easy to sell.  Remember this from an earlier post?

Well, it was BIG, and ended up being too big for their little space (I've since found them a much smaller cabinet - thrift store find - and it's hanging in their bathroom now until they find something else they like better!).  So, I listed this cabinet on our local FB Marketplace site.  I had a couple of nibbles, but no one was willing to pay what I was asking - which was really reasonable given the size of this cabinet (and compared to what you can buy in retail outlets!).  I'd gotten to the point that I was seriously considering turning this into something else!  And, then I got a message from a young woman who wanted it at a price I was willing to accept for it.  But, then she didn't come get it.  I messaged her and learned they did want it but had been tied up with family and illness and hadn't been able to get out to pick it up - they live over an hour away from me!  Then she asked me if I'd been the one to make this, would I be willing/able to make another on similar, but larger, not as deep, and with mirrored doors.  And, I did.  She came out to pick up both cabinets this week.  They've already been installed, and she loves them.  (I know this because I forgot to give her the shelves for one of the cabinets and had to deliver them to her yesterday - it was a nice drive and I got to see my sister, so ...)

Anyway, patience paid off with this cabinet, and then they both went to a good place!  

Angels, Angels, Angels

A 2017 Christmas project that became gifts for neighbors, friends and family.  This was a fun project to build and to give.  I love Angelsđź’—