Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Granddaughters and Commitment

I have two lovely, beautiful granddaughters.  My oldest granddaughter recently made her confirmation. My other beautiful granddaughter will make her confirmation in June. They have both spent two years taking CCD classes after school learning more about our Catholic faith and they have - and will- made a commitment to always try to be faithful. I'm so proud of both of them, for so many reasons, but this commitment warms my heart!

Anyway, I felt this effort deserved something special so I made my camper granddaughter a piece of furniture she'd been wanting for her room. She was expecting it would be painted white like everything else she has. So, it was fun to surprise her with something completely different!  Now she has plenty of storage for softball stuff, books and papers, and a shelf for pretty things and pictures. And the graphite, dark waxed, distressed finish with bits and pieces of red and white showing through is reminiscent of an old, much loved, handed-down-through-generations piece of furniture.  The pictures aren't great, but maybe you can get the idea.

Before drawer fronts and paint.  I used AS graphite paint and dark wax for the final finish.

Two BIG drawers with full extension guides so she can easily get to all of her softball uniforms and paraphernalia!
Top for showing off pretty things - This shows the most distressing with the reds and white showing through.
Handles from Hobby Lobby.  They started out an old bronze finish.  I added some red and black spray paint, covered that with white chalk paint.  Sanded so the colors show a bit, and then waxed with dark AS wax.  

She loved it, and that's all that matters.
(Hmmm, I wonder what my logger granddaughter will want me to make for her???)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Storage for the Pool/Spa supplies

A couple of weeks ago I got a head start on getting my yard ready for summer.  It's pretty low maintenance, but some things needed to be done.  My lighting wasn't working for one.  I spent a bit of time jiggling wires, replacing light bulbs, moving them around, buying a separate timer for one string, and even adding a new coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  They work!  

That gave me the boost I needed to do something with my big Stickley cabinet that I've been using for a while to store pool towels and supplies.  This was a real thrift store bargain.  A solid cherry entertainment center that originally sold for about $3,000.  I paid $5 for it.  It weighed a ton and my son and son-in-law were not happy with me for asking them to cart it to the back yard!  But they did, and it's worked well there for the past couple of years.  

However, it's solid cherry and I couldn't stand seeing the wood drying out.  I wanted to salvage it so that I could use the lumber for other things.  But, I needed a replacement for it, and because of the size of the space I knew I'd need to make something custom.  As usual, I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I went searching for something at the Azusa ReStore Store.  If you don't know about this place, you should visit it sometime.  Everything in it is donated and the proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity.  Some things are new, but most is old stuff.  Screws, electrical supplies, plumbing stuff, cabinets that have been removed from homes, furniture, lighting, tile, and doors and windows.  You never know what you might find there.  I was there during March Madness when all the doors and windows were 50% off.  I found a couple of narrow bifold-type doors for $5 each and brought those home.  Then I scrounged for materials in my scrap pile.  I did have to buy a couple of cedar fence posts to complete the doors, but finally got it finished.  

I still had to tackle taking my cherry cabinet apart - which was fairly easy.  With the help of my sis we got the new cabinet in place.  It's smaller so looks much better in the space, and I think it should work well for at least a few years! 

I made removable shelving in the upper portion of the cabinet so that we still have easy access to the electrical panel, a small crate for small item storage, and towels and extra swim suits will be stored in the bottom portion of the cabinet.  

Here are a few other pictures of my very rustic, distressed supply cabinet. 

 I do like making something from used/found items-just doing my part to keep things from the landfills!