Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Fall!

I chuckled when I typed that title "Happy Fall." It's pretty hard to think about it being fall when the temps keep soaring into triple digits!

Today we had a family gathering of about 25 people.  100 degrees !!!  I managed to cram comfortably seat everyone inside and I had the air cranking the entire afternoon.   We were celebrating the "soon-to-be-born" son of the Docs.  Due in November (FALL)
Drapes closed, air cranking, fans spinning - 6 tables of 4 each.  This pic shows my 80 year old Uncle Frank - and the dad-to-to-be standing on the right.  

The Docs asked for no gifts, just a favorite childhood read - and here are a pile of new childhood favorites from the Doc's family.  See what the books are sitting on?  That's an old-fashioned school desk that my sis picked up at a church boutique (i.e., sale of old, donated stuff!).  I sanded everything down and restained the wooden seat and back, painted the metal legs and cubby part, and painted the desk with chalkboard paint.  I'ts pretty darned cute and I'm sure Baby G will spend many hours studying or playing school here. 

 Yes, there are the Docs.  We made them sit and open all the gifts/books-something they later said wasn't tortuous at all!
It wasn't a shower-shower (the Docs didn't want a shower!) - but still, you have to have some games when you're celebrating an impending birth - don't you??  So, we had a couple of games that people could choose to participate in - or not.  I made a couple of fall decorative things for prizes, and surprisingly, most everyone chose to participate.
Here's what they won:
Camper Daughter's MIL, Joan, won the tall 3-piece set of pumpkins (that's what the tag says!).

Aunt Shirley won this cute little pumpkin made from reclaimed 2x material.
You can't see the tag, but it says "Fall" - so good for both Halloween and Thanksgiving!

We had to have some goodies, right??  My granddaughter Miss KK  made up batches of brownies, cookies, and dipped and decorated oreos and pretzels.  Camper Mom brought two pies, too - we do know, in our family, that the most important part of any family meal is the dessert (s)!

We had a great time, and built a wonderful library for the new Mr. G.

I built something new for myself, too!  
Just to remind all of us that FALL may actually be heading our way!