Thursday, December 29, 2016

Good old fashioned toys

I traveled to the Panama Canal and was away from home for 10 days right before Christmas.  So, for the first time in years I was ready for the holidays by Dec 1!  Gifts made, gifts purchased, all wrapped and under the tree or packaged and mailed.  When I returned on Dec 21, I wanted to walk in the door and not have to rush around finishing up holiday plans.  And that's exactly what I did!

But, then I walked into the garage and had the strongest urge to make toys-crazy!  In the past 7 years, I've learned to go with crazy!

Here's what I ended up with. Truck, cars, helicopters.  

Little Doc loved his little car, and my neighbor kids enjoyed their gifts, too.  The helicopter will be a "stay at Grandma's house" toy for Little Doc.  

Kind of cute, aren't they!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

And even more storage

My sis has a lot of "stuff"!  But, she doesn't have a lot of cupboard space.  What to do, what to do-it was a dilemma!  So a few weeks ago I built a tall, wide cabinet to hold all of her China and large serving pieces.  This past week I finished a low cabinet that will give her even more storage and also provide serving space.  It too is a pretty farmhouse style.  I'm getting lazy, so only primed the cabinet-sis will paint with a semi-gloss Bher in white, Polar Bear.  I did stain the maple top in a rich dark Minwax espresso.  Three coats of minwax oil-modified polyurethane should protect it from minor spills.

Ready for pick up!!

Body has a coat of primer. 

In place in my Sis's home