Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Another Easter - I find it so hard to believe that I haven't celebrated an Easter with Don in 9 years.  I miss him so, but it's certainly true that life goes on.  Kids have gotten older, I have teen-aged grandkids (which means my kids are experiencing the special joys of teens :-)!), and a brand new grandson who will never know his grandpa- which makes me very sad.

But, spring has sprung again, and the proof is in the flowers blooming in my garden.

 Apple Blossoms

Special Yellow Rose (A gift from Jim or Week's Roses, shortly after Don's death - a beautiful reminder of the beauty of life!)

More Apple blossoms - likely to be another good harvest!

In honor of spring, and because I saw some beautiful wood lanterns that I'm sure I couldn't afford, I decided to make some using some of my scrap wood.  They aren't exactly like those I saw, but they satisfy my need for them!  They look pretty on my patio.

I'll be spending time with Camper daughter's family and in-laws later today.  Enjoying Easter and the Hope and rebirth that the season promises.  
I wish the you the same for you.

Happy Easter!