Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bitty Boxes...

Well, first things first - aren't these just beautiful!

My rose bush was covered in big beautiful blooms.  We've enjoyed this bright spot for about a week now.  They'll be dying off soon, but I do see more buds starting.  And the white rose you see - that's just the first of many!  The white rose actually turns hot pink as the weather warms up.

I made a few boxes.  Nothing special, but maybe useful.
That little opening - it's for a picture or needlepoint or whatever.  It has a Plexiglas insert.

Frame it up!

Last week we planned to celebrate a co-worker's birthday.  At the last minute she had to cancel, but we managed to surprise her with exactly what she wanted!  For some strange reason, she'd asked for a picture of our boss.  Now, to be fair, it's not a current picture she wanted, but one that has been in a couple of campus publications.  He is much younger in the photo and he's wearing a very interesting sombrero.
Our campus photographer was able to print the 8x10 photo she requested.  And, it took me a couple of hours the night before we gave it to her, to make a frame that would compliment some of the rustic, primitive pieces she has in her home.

I used some of the reclaimed lumber (from Legal docs outside table that he ended up tearing apart for me), and she was pleased with how it turned out.  So was I!