Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bedroom Update...

Well, the headboard is in the room!  It may be a bit too tall - I'm still considering whether I want to chop a few inches off the legs!  If you have a thought about it, share it with me!  In any case, I love it.

Disregard these pillows!
The big ones will be recovered, and I have some pretty, small throw pillows just waiting .
My bed is the kind where the foot and head of the bed moves up and down, it's old and it's lower than most beds these days.  I had a 3" topper on it and I liked the height, but the topper wasn't very comfortable, so I went back to my low mattress.  Instead of chopping off a few inches, though, I just learned that Temperpedic does sell something that you add to the legs to increase the height.
Maybe I'll do that...

And, today I started on the nightstands.
Because there's not a darned thing wrong with these nightstands I've been putting off doing anything to them.  But, today I told myself to get a grip and just do it!  They're only nightstands, what's the worst that could happen?  My answer was that if I really screwed them up and just hated them, I'd take a trip to the thrift store and find something that I could live with.
So there - problem solved.

Still, that first coat of paint looked mighty scary!

First things first though, I had to get the drawers out of the thing - and what a struggle that was.  When the scrapes on my knuckles  started bleeding I was almost ready to give up and just paint it with the drawers still in it.  A piece of tape over the top of my hand solved the problem and I was able to pull hard on the drawer while holding down the little metal tab thingy that pops up to hold the drawer in.  Voila!  the drawer flew out - and just a tiny bit of blood was lost!

I don't have much patience-really, almost none at all when it comes to finishing, but today I really tried to slow my painting process down.  I do want the finish to last (unless I really hate it, then I'll want to sand it all off really fast!!).  So, after rubbing a deglossing compound all over everything, then cleaning all of the deglosser off the pieces, I was ready for the first coat of paint.

12 oz. Gloss Sun Yellow General Purpose Spray Paint

I used this 
NO!  Not really.  I love yellow, but this is just too yellow even for me.

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X 12 oz. Satin Strawflower General Purpose Spray Paint

This is what I'm using.  It doesn't look yellow in this picture (taken from the Home Depot site), but it is a pretty, soft yellow called "Straw flower"  - even the name is pretty.

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust High Performance Comfort Spray Grip Accessory

And, if you've never used one of these when using a can of spray paint, you should run - don't walk - to get one.  They make using spray cans so much easier!

And, then I had this

 See, that first coat really was scary!  
But, after about 8 very light coats, I had this!

 And, this.
A satiny finish that just needs a very slight sanding.  

Tomorrow I'll tackle nightstand #2, and add some slight distressing to the edges.  I can't wait to get them done and back in my room (it's a mess right now with the stuff from just this one nightstand spread all over the bed and floor!).

Oh, see that thing in the background?  I'm going to tell you all about that just after I fix myself something for dinner-or maybe tomorrow morning!  Depends on whether I have a glass of wine with dinner - hmmm, probably tomorrow morning.  It's a fun thing and I'm really happy with how it turned out.