Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's time...

I'm antsy to change up my bedroom.

I love the color, kind of an "artichoke" green.  Totally different than my usual basic beige!  I decided to keep that green and work with it!

Years ago I made drapes for our family room in our San Dimas home.  I fell in love with the soft yellow/tan color with the large pattern of tropical flowers in muted rusts and greens.  When the sun shines through the fabric the color is just amazing!  They always cheered me up!  So, I remade them to fit the slider in my bedroom.  I love them!

You can the drapes in this picture.  And the color of the walls (sort of).  Pretty, right?

I moved the large entertainment cabinets to my friend's consignment shop.  I hope they sell, but in the meantime, they are out of my house!  And, I moved in the dresser that has been with me for over 38 years.  Don and I purchased the dresser from an elderly lady (looking back, she was probably my age!) who said that she and her husband had purchased it new over 35 years before.  So, although I wouldn't give it antique status, it is old!  Most importantly though, I still love it.  It is deep with very large, deep drawers.  Over the years, it's been used in many different bedrooms, and even as a TV console in our living room.  And, it looked like it had been well "loved".  I thought about painting it but just couldn't bring myself to paint over the beautiful veneer work.  Sooooo, I glued up a few loose pieces, sanded it a bit, and rubbed on a coat of stain and then rubbed in a polyurethane finish.  It's almost like new.  The color is warm with tones of light gold and burnished reds and oranges.  And, it looks like it has a hand rubbed finish.

This picture is not great, but you get an idea of the veneer work.  What you can't get is a good feeling for the size of this beauty.  I could probably store 10 pairs of jeans in that bottom drawer!  And, aren't those legs lovely?

Isn't that finish pretty with the sun shining on it?

I created a little reading nook with a big comfy table and my little table that I made (similar to one that I'd seen, and liked a lot, at Pottery Barn .

I made a headboard and then wasn't sure that I wanted it in my room.  I thought maybe an upholstered headboard was more what I wanted.  But, I was wrong!  I decided to finish the headboard with the same stain I used to renew my dresser.  The colors are just so warm and comfortable.  The finish on the headboard is, of course, not exactly the same as the dresser.  They're made of different woods, and the headboard lumber was raw to begin with.  But, I love the way the colors play off each other.  I'll upholster a headboard another day!

And, now I'm left with my night stands.  There's nothing at all wrong with them.  And in fact, I like them.  They each have two small drawers and a hidden drawer.  And, they are the perfect size in height, width and depth.  But, they are the same merlot colored finish as the big entertainment cabinets, and I'm just done with that.  My plan is to paint them.  I plan to use a straw colored yellow, then sand the edges and some of the flat surfaces, add some glaze and distress them.  Not too much distressing, just enough to give them some character!  That's the plan.  

But, you know what they say about the best laid plans...