Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let the Sewing Begin!

It's completion was doubtful!
It was challenging!
It was frustrating!
It was almost firewood!
I cursed!

BUT, It's done!  

Do you see how perfectly it fits in that space?  Of course, that's the result of careful planning, accurate measurements, and skill.  Oh, heck, I lie!  I wish I had pictures of me breaking a sweat when I tried to "slide" it into place, and the legs wouldn't fit down over/between the moulding!

That's when the cursing occurred.

If you recall, I built this in three pieces: the bookcase/back support, the front/legs/drawer component, and the top.  I had to get this upstairs and around corners so that was the only way I could think to build it.  I measured, and measured twice (really, I measured about 20 times!).  Then I deducted from my measurement the depth of the base mouldings.  I know I did this!  I was so sure of my measurements that I didn't just screw everything together (with pocket holes made with my Kreg jig), but I glued it all together, too.  There was no way I could take this apart to shave off the 3/8" I needed to get this suckertable into place.  And, Camper daughter's nice neighbor and her husband were there to see it all go together - how embarrassed do you think I was!!!

I pushed and shoved, Mr. Neighbor pushed and shoved.  We all scratched our heads.  They even said I could notch out the moulding - I really didn't want to do that!  So, while Mr. went to get a hammer to beat the thing into submission, I decided to try to push it in from a different direction.  I leaned it down almost to the floor and slid the legs in between the moulding, then I pushed down as I lifted and -SUCCESS!  It was in place! The drawers weren't tweaked in the process, and they still work, so all's good!(And, no, those legs aren't crooked - it's the camera angle! :-).  



(the shelves still need clips to support them).
See those legs, sitting on the floor between the moulding - Whew!
After all the problems with the finish, I think it turned out beautifully.
It's a nice warm color, with a smooth, satiny shine.

And, the drop leave table's finish is nice, too.  I finished the top, but left the final finish of the sides and interior to Mrs. Neighbor.  I was just done with that finish! 

So, I haven't heard from her since I installed it.  But, she is still playing Words with Friends with me.  I guess that's a good sign and it's still standing and, hopefully, functioning as she'd hoped.