Friday, December 4, 2015

Musical tables update, and another update!!


Remember this table?  I found it at a local thrift store and knew it would be perfect for camper daughter and her family.  After refinishing it in a dark espresso stain, it was perfect.  UNTIL, that is, they started looking at other homes and saw several round tables they liked and wanted to try out in their own small kitchen.  

They asked me to be on the lookout for a round table, and so I was - and I did find them one!  
This is still the only picture I have of that table, but it is now refinished in this beautiful espresso/provincial/dark walnut finish, and in their home.

Well, the old, big, expandable table is now going to Logger daughter's house.  I'm traveling there this weekend with the newly refinished table.  It turned out beautifully!  I think so, anyway.:-)

After first sanding- well, after lots and lots of "first sanding".

It was impossible to remove all the dark espresso stain from the grain.

This is the new finish - minwax aged oak, which left it just a bit too gray, so a second coat of minwax early american stain was applied and immediately rubbed off.  Then, over about 3 days, at least 7 coats of minwax rub on polyurethane in a satin finish were applied.  Sanding took place between each coat. 

The base of the table retained the original espresso/dark walnut finish.  I lightly sanded the edges to distress it even more than it was and sprayed on 3 coats of spar urethane for a durable, cleanable finish.

I made an additional bench and enlarged the seat depth on the original bench.  Although the material is different - and the grain and appearance of the wood is different - the color of both the legs and the bench top are a match to the table.

Can't wait to get this table delivered!

Merry Christmas, Logger Family.  I hope you enjoy many happy times around this table (and that it makes a fine bonfire when it's time to chuck it!)

Here are some pictures of the table in it's new home (just overlook that 1970's linoleum floor - it's soon to be replaced with a beautiful hardwood!).