Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's time, really...

Honestly, I remember wondering how Don could work in the mess he created while working on a job (well, of course I never have said this to him; do you think I could be that insensitive???  ). Well, just another example of why you should never judge someone until you've walked in their shoes!   My garage is a huge, hot mess!

Drills, sanders, and air guns.  Nails and hammers.  Scraps and more scraps!

Can you see that I'm even using my table saw surface as additional work space?
Really??  That just seems so careless...
See that cut off saw on the back wall?  I have to drag a huge extension cord over there when I want to use it.
Then I have to remember to step OVER it, or risk tripping on it!

There's got to be a better way to store these big pieces of lumber.  I'm sure of it!  I just can't think of how!!!
I have stuff behind this mess that I couldn't get to without a whole lot of effort!

More and more MESS!  That thing hanging from the side of my work bench - that's the jig  that might have
prevented my finger debacle.  Until just a few days ago I had a finished project stored here,
 and couldn't even get to it.  I can see the floor now, but it's still not the right place to store that jig.

In the house, I complain about the cords that seem to multiply anywhere I have electronic devices.
But, here's a real mess of cords!  And, that box where you see a clamp or two?  Well, I never put my clamps back in there
so I always have to search for them when I need them!
And, of course, there's the saw dust and tiny scraps and CRAP that's all over the floor.  And still, have I stopped to clean up?  Oh no, I just keep on working.  I pile stuff on top of stuff, step over cords, shove things over an inch or two, and mop up my spilled coffee when my shoving topples a hidden coffee cup!

I have a few unfinished projects and I keep using those as excuses for not stopping to clean up.  There's this one.  It's for Linda.  She has this part of it now and is painting it white to match the white on the  end table you see peeking out behind the cabinet.   But, there's a "bridge" piece to build, too.  


And, this piece.  This is mine.  And it's kind of embarrassing.  I was playing around, using up some scraps, and this thing that was going to be  "useful and functional"   (I'm not even going to tell you what it is until it's done) just kept getting bigger and bigger, and bigger.  Now, I'm not even sure if it will fit where I wanted to use it. I just want to finish it and see if I can get the paint finish I want. 

Anyone with  a brain would know that it would be so much easier to finish these projects if I just took the time to clean up my space.

Just wait - I think this weekend is the time!  My motivation is high (right now anyway).  I have some ideas for making my small workspace much more efficient.  I was just asked to build a couple more things so I'd better get to it!

Anyone with a brain?  hmmmm.... obviously, I wasn't utilizing my highly tuned brain when I said that!