Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty Planter

I've been blessed with many lovely nieces and nephews, and recently I was invited to a housewarming party for one of those nephews and his sweet wife.

They've owned a home before so what to give them had me scratching my head - that is, until I realized that their new home would not likely have much going for it just yet as far as landscaping.  So, I figured some living green thing might be appreciated. I built a planter and filled it with plants that I hope are suitable for the desert where they are turning their new house into a home.

This was a fun, quick build.  It stands about 30" high and is about 20"x20".  I used cedar fence posts and scraps from my wood pile.  A coat of stain brought the color together.  A quick coat of Thompson's water seal, both inside and out, and it was ready for its new desert home.

A plus for me was that I had to put this in the truck to get it to them.  I hesitate to drive the truck long distances - it does have over 200,000 miles!  But, the truck made the trip just fine, with the air going all the way!

I think they are enjoying the planter, and I'm hopeful that they will create a wonderful home together!