Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015 was a busy time!

Hi all!
Can you believe that the new year is just around the corner?  I'm having trouble figuring where the time has gone!

The couple of months leading up to Christmas were busy, busy times for me.  I managed a trip to see Christy and the kids - and to deliver there newly redone dining room table.  While there I repurposed their old dining table and a did a couple other things I thought might be helpful.  They plan to redo their kitchen fairly soon so I didn't worry about whether they'd love what I did, it's no big deal if/when they change it!

So, here's an update on the "musical tables" posting.  

Dining room table:  History: From thrift store to Camper daughter to Logger daughter.  The benches are new.  I cut down a couple of the chairs from their old set, but thank goodness there were six to begin with - I cut one leg of one on the wrong side of the tape.  It was just a big wobbly :-).  I left the rest for Logger SIL to cut or not.

Dining room chairs:  History:  From trash pile passed by on a morning walk to Camping Daughter.  She wanted 4 matching chairs.  There were five in the pile and one was found at a thrift store - it looks the same - from a distance.  It's about 1/4 inch different everywhere!  Can you tell - it's the one on the right...

The chairs took a bit (a lot!!) of work.  Some had to be taken apart and rebuilt in areas.  But, they were sturdy, and matched - and they were free (Except for the ugly cousin chair, that one I had to pay for.)

Here, you can see their "new" round table that I refinished for them.  The chairs are the same color of stain, and are very close in stain color, but they did take the stain a bit darker in places.  Still, there are 4 matching chairs around the table and a couple extra to pull up when I'm invited to dinner!

And, since I was visiting Logger daughter, I delivered the dining room table to them.  When we put it in place, their old table was just sitting there looking forlorn.  While the adults were away, and with some help from the little loggers, we turned that old table into new storage & serving space.  It's a bar now!  

And we moved the old "bar" to the kitchen where it can be used for additional kitchen/pantry storage.
We added the chalkboard to the wall - that's chalkboard painted directly on the wall and framed out with some of the cedar Logger SIL had on hand.  

Bottom line, Christmas gifts for daughters were completed and delivered.  My garage has much more space, but I still need to finish one more table and get that moved out - then I can start on a few more projects for family and friends!  

Happy New Year Everyone!!