Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome Spring!

My dear friend who purchased all the planters also bought a couple of fun things that she will be giving as wedding gifts.  I made two for her and two for myself to give away.  The pictures aren't very interesting but picture them with a hanging basket of blooming petunias and I think they will be beautiful!  

This one has a special piece of wood used for the base.  That piece of wood came from my Logger Son-in-Law's stash of lumber.  

They've all been stained a rich dark brown and finished in several layers of polyurethane.

I made a few small chalkboards to hang from the hook with a happy spring message when flowers aren't there.

Spring planting

I am blessed with great friends. They are a diverse group from different backgrounds and political affiliations. Oddly enough, most of us were raised as Catholics!  All that's fine and dandy but what, you ask, does that have to do with spring planting? Not much, but I thought it was interesting!:-)  

One of my sweet friends has recently begun spending the winter living in a fifth wheel in the California desert. And while she's enjoying this time, she'd like a bit more privacy in their space. She asked me to make a couple of large planters to which she intends to add tall lattice, paint white, and plant vining plants. She'll use these to separate their space.  

These are really large, 41 inches wide, about 20 inches deep, and 18 inches tall.  They have a raised bottom so that they won't need to be completely filled with potting soil - they're heavy enough as they are!

 I made two for her, she picked them up and a week later ordered four more (picked up materials this morning and need to go empty the truck!)!  
I think they're working for her😁!

Kitchen project complete!

Wow, two weeks ago I finally installed the big project I've been working on. The rain has been a major problem throughout-I couldn't move things out of the garage to make room for other things, then when everything was finished we had to try to plan delivery between storms. That day was the day-before another expected rain storm!  

Thanks to my sweet granddaughter who helped me load everything and even let me use her car for one of the cabinets. Then, my sis took over and helped with delivery and unloading, and fetching and carrying, pushing and shoving, and advising. And she took these pictures, too.

Everything went in fairly easily although a tube of painter's putty would have been very helpful😃.  And, in these pics the knobs on the hutch cabinet look uneven-they were even, really they were!! 

Things learned?  oh yes, always!!  Mainly that I will think twice about building anything that needs to be installed - I'm too old for that anymore!!!

My friend seems happy with her new storage benches, table, and hutch. I hope they enjoy all of it for a long, long time.