Monday, November 7, 2011

Home Depot, again!

I remember asking Don why in the world he had to spend so much time at Home Depot.  Sometimes he was there several times a day, for goodness sake!  Well, darned if I don't find myself heading off to Home Depot often, sometimes several times a day, too!!  I now believe that it's some kind of mystical phenomenon that occurs when you use tools on a regular basis.

For some reason known only to the powers that be at Home Depot, they are no longer planning to carry the Pure Bond birch plywood that I like to use.  My Glendora store has been out of it for over 4 weeks, but some of the stores still have a few sheets.  So, Saturday morning bright and early, there I was at the Covina Home Depot.  By the way, I hate to try to find things in the different Home Depots - they are similarly laid out, but just different enough to make you crazy!


Good grief!  It's been such a struggle - I don't ever want to do another big drawer!

After a couple of weeks of effort to get these 3 big drawers to work, I'm finally ready to say "DONE".  Not, perfect, mind you, but Done!

Now to the staining.  I'm not a finisher, and I'd said I wouldn't do the finish.  But, I hate to lug these things over to the house and leave them for someone else to smear the stain on them.  They can't be put in the room until they're stained and have a good coat of polyurethane on them and now's the time to do that!  So, I'm working on that and hope to get these things out of my garage soon!  They're being stained a deep, dark espresso color and I'll put a couple coats of semi-gloss poly on them.  When they 're finally ready to be installed I'll add a piece of trim on the few inches that will show on the left hand box, slide them into place, maybe connect them at the face frames, and call it done.  The cushion is up to my friend!

My bruises are finally healing!