Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Party time, serving tray...

The docs commissioned me to build a little something for a friend of theirs.  The medical doc had pinned an item she liked and it just happened to be something from a blog that I enjoy and have mentioned in previous posts, Shanty-2-Chic.  The serving tray is nice, pretty, and very functional.  And, oh so easy to make!

I started out with a 2x12 douglas fir board about 29" long.  After I had it stained Legal doc texted me that they were afraid that the tray would be too heavy, and asked if I could use a 1x12 instead.  As it so happened, I had a 1x12 in my lumber stash - yes, I have a "stash", just like I had a fabric stash back in the days when I sewed!

From very humble beginnings, a 2 x 12 fir board...Stained a pretty Minwax Provincial color
That is a chalkboard center - the hostess can write down the name of whatever is being served .
I guess some people do more than open a box of crackers and peel the plastic wrap off a chunk of cheese - who knew??
The 2x and the 1x.  I liked both of them.  But the 2x is much heavier.
I put a keyhole slot in the back so that they can be hung on the wall to store.  
The docs get to keep the tray made out of the 2x12.  Legal doc is big and strong - he can carry it!
And, here's the pretty tray, ready to be picked up and delivered!