Monday, August 4, 2014

It's been awhile...

I don't have a darned thing to post about.  How boring is that??  I have been working - hard, building something for my oldest granddaughter.  She turned 14 in July and is heading to high school in just a couple of weeks.  She wanted a new, more sophisticated bedroom.  So, I'm working, working, working...It's big stuff and it's driving me crazy!  

Here's a peek of a thrift store desk that I rebuilt to fit her room - that little breadboard like thing on the top right is where Miss Nail Pro will be perfecting her art!  The cabinet below just might fit her sewing machine and the drawers will hold just a multitude of important things!  


Here are some before pictures of some other projects - After pictures will follow soon!  You'll never guess what we've done with that frame!


And, I've finally been able to install the desk unit for T, Camper daughter's neighbor.  Not quite finished, just waiting for her to paint the wall!  I've never seen so many holes in a wall before - finding a stud is quite difficult in older homes!  If got to hand it to Mr. T - he kept searching!  I'm not much of a painter - just like I'm not much of a finisher.  But, I figured I could fill holes for T so that she could sand a bit and put a nice clean coat of paint in her office area.  Then I can finish the installation of her shelves.  

Shelves are stained, and will be above the drawer units.  More pictures to follow when I finally finish!

I also installed the upper for her sewing room - another thing older homes are known for are walls that are so far out of whack it's darned near impossible to stand a cabinet up against a wall and get it square and plum!  The space between the cabinet and the wall goes from 1/4" at the base to 3/4" at the top.  I've cut some trim that might work, but my crown moulding will definitely need to be recut to fit!  Maybe I'll post pictures of that once I get it in and it doesn't look too odd! 

The result of all this work is one beat up body!  If I ended up in emergency unable to talk, they'd have to assume that someone had beaten me!  Bruised and battered - and worn out!  Normally I don't feel like I'm 64, but this week, I have to say, I feel older (maybe not 64, but older!).  I'm just not up to these big projects.  But, I've got to finish.  I hate a project that isn't complete.  So, I'll be back at it tomorrow night.

Until I have more pictures, that I feel good about sharing, how about these?  My Fuji apple tree is loaded with apples.  I think they've got a few more weeks until really ripe, but I've eaten a few of the apples that have fallen!  They taste great - and the tree is just beautiful.


Fall's coming and I don't even remember having a summer!