Sunday, November 23, 2014

Some Home Updates

For the longest time I've been hankering to build and install floating shelves somewhere in my house. After a lot of time thinking about it, I decided that the best place for them would be in my small "water closet", in the space over my toilet.  And, YOU KNOW there's a water line in that wall someplace!  So, in addition to being just as averse to putting holes in my walls as the next person, I   was also worried that I'd drill a hole into a water pipe and end up with a major mess!
So, I've been procrastinating.

Finally, last weekend I'd had enough of being a chicken about this.  I pulled out my stud finders and went to work!  (By the way, the stud finders only seem to work on walls - I walked around my neighborhood and I didn't get one beep on the damned things!  Or, perhaps there just aren't any studs in my neighborhood; that could be it.)

They didn't take long to build, and they're very stable - I'm not worried that they'll fall down!  More importantly, no water pipes were damaged during the installation.

Here's the first one up, and then both of them (with my old, tired towels).  I probably could have added 3 shelves, but as it is I'll have a hard time reaching things on the top shelf!


Then, with a few pretty things added.
(This is a really tiny space so it was hard to get a good picture!)


It's a fact of life that we all spend so much time in this room,
I think it's great that my space is now a prettier place to be!