Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A new look in my house!

I’m changing things up at my house!  Colors and style anyway. I still love my furniture but I needed a change!  So, I’m going from rust and greens to cream and blue colors and casual comfort.  And I’m cheap and stubborn so I’m trying to get my “look” without spending a lot of money.  I’ve made several slipcovers over the years so, of course, I decided I would make them myself.

These chairs were a green almost tapestry fabric. And now they are cream -after only 40+hours of sewing, 16 yards of fabric, 15 feet of zippers, over 1200 yards of thread, 42-40 feet of piping, and lots of Tylenol for my aching back.  Whew-they are done!!  Not perfect, But done!!  Would I do it again?  NO. The $700 estimate I got  to have them made was looking really good by the time I finished today!  From now on, I’ll stick to woodworking, thank you!

Two Cream colored slipcovers now on my old green floral tapestry chairs.  I love these chairs - they swivel and rock!

I fell in love with a large canvas that was of large bright orange and gold flowers.  My old colors, but I really loved that canvas print.  My friend talked me down - said she'd help me find accessories that would tie it in with everything, if that's what I really wanted.  Thankfully, she had enough faith in me to let me come to the decision to buy the pretty blue canvas print that's now hanging in my living room.  I do like it and it fits in with the colors I was moving towards - but I think I may still go get that orangey one for my bedroom!

I left my sofa - I figured it was enough of a neutral color that I could work it in.  It's a perfectly good sofa and I wouldn't have been able to get rid of it - where would I have stored it!!???  So, it stayed and the picture above it does have that color in the flowers!  It works for me.

A few new things in the dining area, and you can see what a difference the light drapes make.  I'm happy with how things are turning out!

Still a couple of other things to do, a new covering for the round table between the chairs, reupholstering the dining room chairs, (I'm using the same fabric for both, and I'm making them - hoping that it's easier on my back than the chairs!) and finding a place for all the old artwork - they can't live in the hallway forever.

Then I think I'll be done.

Still lots to do before my changes are complete, but each change adds more light and airiness to the room.