Saturday, April 4, 2015

A simple hall closet - NOT!

Well, it really was pretty simple, I think it was that I was just really unorganized.  Two side pieces, pre-drilled for shelf clips, 4 shelves cut to fit, edge banding on each shelf.  Easy peasy, right??

Loaded up to deliver and install.  Carried everything up the stairs - I was sweating already (it was a hot day).  Went for my drill - Lo and behold, no drill.  I'd left it at home.  Now, my friend Rach doesn't live too far from me, but it takes me 15 minutes to get home, get the drill and another 15 minutes to return.   I placed one side piece, and realized that the box of drill bits and counter sink, and mollies was still sitting on my work bench.  I gave up.  Neatly stacked everything and told Rach I'd be back the next day.  I think it took a few days to get back there.  Drilled one hole (hoping I'd hit the stud!).  I think I did hit a stud - wonder of wonders.  Needed to countersink the screw, so went to back out my drill bit and couldn't.  The drill was stuck, no amount of pressure would get that thing to move.  By this time I'm so frustrated I just packed up again and said we'd find another time that worked in both our schedules and I'd come back with a drill that worked!  Well, it took a few weeks, but the job finally got done.  Screwed the sides to the wall using special drywall thingy's to hold the screws,(so I wouldn't have to worry about finding those elusive studs) trimmed the shelves to fit and, voila, one simple closet done and ready to be loaded up!
Thank God - I couldn't have made another trip home for anything else I might have forgotten!

Happy new home, Rach!