Saturday, April 7, 2012

Done - for now!

I think the garage is ready!

Today was one long day, but I'm ready to work again.  I did shove the work bench up and moved the table saw closer to the garage door.  This should make it possible to use the bench as an out feed table.

See that thing dangling over the work bench?  That's an multi-outlet extension cord.  I had it stretched across the floor before and I had to be careful not to trip on it.  I think this will work, but I'm going to look for something like a retractable cord.  It's not in my way right now, but if it would pull up a couple of feet when not in use it might be nicer.

I also added a shelf to my work bench.  Now I can store my nail and staple guns right above the air compressor.  

I was able to move things around on the wall shelving so that I now have some space on the bottom shelves to store small, usable pieces of plywood.  

I hung up my cross-cut jigs (one on the wall above the cut off saw, and one right there on the end of the work bench).

Right there on the work bench is a sneak peak of my next project.  I'm just starting to lay things out, and need to make a trip to Home Depot  -  are they open on Easter???  I think they might be,. I hope so, I'm heading there tomorrow after brunch with Kyle.  A sewing table - do you see it?  I admit, right now it would take a very vivid imagination to see it, but maybe by tomorrow it will be easier to envision!

Easter Sunday tomorrow, and mass at 6:30 in the morning.  I think I'm done for the night!  Hopefully, the kinks in my back will miraculously work themselves out overnight - an aching back really slows me down!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Garage Reorganization - Close to Done!

I was in Ft. Jones for a week, and returned home last Tuesday.  I didn't, however, return to work until Thursday!  Guess what I did Wednesday???


I did everything I could think of in the morning, and then grabbed a glass of iced tea and ventured out there.  Again, I stood there and felt completely overwhelmed.  I knew what I wanted to try but it involved moving so much stuff!  I thought and thought and thought - "do you really want to start this"?

Remember, this is what just one area of it looked like!
Well, I decided to go for it.  I pumped up my muscles, worked up a sweat, and got some things done!  Click here to see some pics of the process and results!