Monday, February 6, 2012

Treatment plan...


No, really, that's the plan.

I met with the Kaiser hand surgeon this morning.  I really liked him, and his nurse.  He looked at it, hmmm'd and hawww'd.  What to do?  What to do?  If you're not grossed out by blood and stuff, here's what he was looking at. (scroll way down if you don't want to see...)

Coulda, Shoulda, Wooda...

That's not a misspelling!  Wood can get you - and yesterday it got me!

Coulda:  had a chili and cornbread dinner Sunday at my good friend MK's.  I haven't seen her, her husband and son in what seems like ages.  The invitation came and I accepted.  But, I'd loaded a cabinet on to the truck on Saturday night.  Later my back began feeling the effects of that effort.  I took a muscle relaxant and went to bed.  I woke up Sunday in worse condition than the night before, so took another pill and hoped I'd be better soon.  I wasn't, and I was concerned that I shouldn't drive while taking the medication.  I called MK and explained why I couldn't come visiting.    COULDA SHARED A MEAL WITH MY FRIEND.

Shoulda:  I stayed pretty much prone all day.  Until I was hungry and my craving for Super Bowl fare got the better of me!  I got up, felt pretty much stable, and drove to the Colonel's.  Made it home safely and scarfed down several wings dipped in my secret wing sauce (Tabasco and melted butter - really secret, huh??).  I was tired and thought I'd sit in the spa for a while, BUT first, I went out to the garage to see if I had enough wood for another doll bed.  THEN, I decided to trim up the pieces so tthey'd be ready when I wanted to start the project.  SHOULDA SOAKED IN THE SPA.

Wooda:  Trimmed up a few pieces and cut the last piece.  As I pushed it through, the small, waste piece pushed back and tried to shove my finger out of the way.  The hard way - right through it!  So, the saw didn't get me, but the wood did!  Chewed up the right edge of my left index finger and gouged the skin off as it traveled down to my knuckle.  WOODA GOT ME GOOD!