Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy New year - 2016

It's been ages since I've sat down at my computer to add to this blog.  I've been busy, just not that interested in sitting at the computer.  I realized, though, that I've made quite a few things that I'll not remember (some day in the very distant future please!), and thought I'd better take the time to add another update of my doings!

So, before Christmas I made a bunch of little things that Logger daughter sold on her Facebook page.  And, I listed a bunch of things on a local FB page called "Everything but the kitchen sink".  I sold a few things through that page, and met some very nice people, too.  Also, I have a friend who teaches young girls (and women) to sew.  She has organized a spring boutique to be held February 13th and asked me to include some of my things.  So, many of the items pictured will be carted to that event.

I'm going to just insert some photos of the items with a brief description - if you stumble upon this page, and are local, well, the items, or some very similar to what are pictured, are for sale.  Most of these are made in between the making of larger pieces - like the table, bench and chairs that I've been working on forever (ALMOST DONE AND READY FOR SALE)!  These small items are a diversion.  Whenever possible, I use reclaimed materials - lumber, hardware, etc.  While they are all unique, I can duplicate most items; they may be made from different wood, stained differently, have different hardware, but will be basically the same item. If you see anything you'd like, just let me know and I'll tell you what I have on hand, or what/if I can make something that you'll like.

UPDATE-new item:

Short on counter space in your kitchen? I have a friend who is - this was made for her. She calls it a "mobile counter". She'll use it on her range top when she has company and needs extra counter space. (be sure to turn off your gas or electric burners!!!) The mobile counter needs to be made-to-order for it to fit your range top. The one pictured measures 34" wide by 20" deep.  

Serving Board, for serving and/or hanging.  I call these "cheese boards" because I can just see small plates of cheese lined up with the name of the cheese printed in chalk on the Chalkboard center.  Large, dark toned handles.  Approximate size is 24 x 9.5.  Keyhole slot for hanging. 
($20, $25 for wider boards)

Candle holder.  Approx 10-14 inches long x 9.5 wide, 1.5 tall.  Holds standard tea lights.  

6-pack bottle carrier.  Complete with attached cast iron bottle opener.  Dividers are removable.  With a favorite beer or soda, this makes a Great Father's day gift.

Wine Tote, carries two bottles of your favorite wine. I've made single bottle carriers, but really-is one bottle of wine ever enough???   Sections are large enough for champagne bottles.  Center dividers are made with wine corks.  

Old-fashioned soda/milk crate.  Each section is large enough to hold a large mason jar.  I use one for utensils; one section for forks, knives, spoons, and one for napkins or flowers.  Chalkboard for noting what's inside!

Cheese Server.  These are always going to be unique-size and stain will be based on the marble or stone piece that is available.  Each comes with a cheese spreader.  Great wedding, anniversary or hostess gift.

Large rustic serving tray.  Each one different based on materials available.  Reclaimed lumber is used whenever it's available.  Handles, or slots for carrying.  
This particular tray was approximately 22" x 18".  

Large, rustic serving tray with old, dare I say "antique", hammered copper handles (they came off cabinet doors from the 1950s).  Size: 19.5" x  13.5"

Coat rack.  Very unique, useful gift - or for yourself!  Very sturdy, large hooks.  D-rings are provided for hanging.  Painted or stained and distressed.  (two different doors were used in the coat racks pictured)

It's hard to tell from this picture, but I sell everyone of these shelves that I build.  They are to hold nail polish (that little bottle in the picture is nail polish.).  They make great teen gifts.  I've made them in glossy black, antique white, with solid or decorative backs.  The frames differ, of course, but I try to find frames with a lot of detail - this one is less ornate than others.   D-rings are provided for hanging.  Sizes vary depending on the size of the frame.  The shelves are about 2-4" deep.

This is a small serving platform.  It's large enough to elevate a cake plate or a casserole dish.  
Approx size: 10x10

Three rustic picture frames.  
Opening is 7" x 7".  Cut to accept up to 1/4 inch  thick photo/cardboard/glass
(Each one sells for $10, or 3 for $25)

This is another old door project.  Three "hooks" (stars), the two end stars using original screw holes,.
This was a brown stained door that has been streaked with red, blue and white paint.  The center is a chalkboard for sweet notes to the family!  The top shelf is large enough for small decorative items (picture frame, candle, or, if in a child's room, even a few sports trophies.).

 This is another door project.  Isn't it sweet?!  I love the knobs with the hearts.  This is finished in a satin black, distressed to show the original white paint of the door.  

Yet another door project!  Large 40" x 14" sign to welcome spring to your home!
Letters are made of lath and glued and nailed to add dimension.  Heavy wire attached for hanging.  Would look great on a front porch or patio!

This is a tough one to see.  Just couldn't find a good spot to get a photo.  This is a darling growth chart for a family or individual child.  Large 6' ruler.  Hangs 6" above the floor for accurate measurements.  Can be personalized with family/child name-I use wood burning tools to do that.
($25 (personalizing is extra-$1/per letter))

This was made after learning that my sister loves crosses.  It's quite large, about 21" x 16".
It's comprised of 3 crosses stacked upon each other.  The flower is metal.  

So, yes, I've been busy, just not very vocal about anything!
What pretty things have you been considering buying or making?  What's been keeping you busy?