Friday, May 20, 2016

Leftover chairs?? What to do, what to do?

With all of the tables and chairs I've purchased over the past couple of years, it was bound to happen - I had chairs sitting in my garage just taking up space.  I suppose I could have carted them up to Logger daughter, but then she'd feel obligated to do something with them.  Nope, that just wasn't fair!

So, I hmmmed and hawwwed and finally decided to try making something I've seen a lot on Pinterest and other DIY blogs.  

From two chairs picked up at a thrift store for probably less than $5 each, some scraps of lumber that I always have in my garage, this is end result.  It's kind of cute, comfortable to sit your weary bones on - for a while anyway -, and I think it would be cute and functional in an entryway (a place to sit and take off shoes-with a place to store them!); a front porch (to sit and sip a beer or two), or patio (to sit and make sure the kids don't drown!).  I'll be offering it up for sale, but if it doesn't sell, it will sit poolside, along my back wall, between two large pots of geraniums.

It would be perfect in an entryway ( It's been stained dark, painted (hints of a tropical green and white), distressed and has a few coats of waterbased polyacrylic finish/sealer applied.

Any takers?  

Are you ready for summer?
Any plans for pool parties and BBQ's?

Don't pay any attention to the messy garage in the backgrount - I have something coming that will be really, really cool, or a complete disaster - in which case you'll never hear about it!