Saturday, December 31, 2011

And, a much better picture...

Christy happened to have a much better picture of my pretty Brooke with her new bed.  Here she is after opening her present.  I have orders for two more beds just from this picture!  Can you see it now - a garage full of teensy bunk beds!

I have to mention that Kayden was the seamstress for the bedding on both Brooke's and Taylor's beds.  She did such a good job - thank you, Kayden!

See the empty bunk?  That's for Abby's doll when she  visits!

Another pretty bed - with a pretty young lady...

I recently posted a picture of the day bed built for Kayden's cousin, Taylor.  But, the picture was taken before it was "gifted" to her.  Here's a picture of Taylor with her new day bed - which it turns out is big enough for both of her American Girl dolls!  (It looks almost big enough for her!)  Project done!

Another year, another project...

Happy New Year!
Yep, it's the last day of 2011, the eve of the New Year.  It's the 3rd new year I've ushered in without Don.  

Okay, enough of that.  It's been a great year.  It's had it's ups and downs just like any year.  We've lost Madeline Cornelius (Grandma Mad), Josephine Rowlison (Grandma Verne) and Jackie Gililland (Don's Mom) all within the last two weeks of November.   But, to balance the losses, there have been a few new babies added to the mix, too.  Bottom line, in my family we've all had jobs to go to and we've had our health (thank you God!).

And, I've had my projects!  In fact, I've just finished one.  It was the biggest thing I've tackled - and I don't think I'll be making anything this big again!  It wasn't difficult to build, just to "handle".  I don't have the space either.  It was wall-to-wall cabinets in my garage.  My saw is nice but it isn't big enough to handle large pieces of lumber, and neither am I!  I work only with plywood because it's fairly light and I can lift most pieces, but when you put a bunch of big pieces together, that one item gets really, really heavy!!

Kyle actually installed these cabinets.  I delivered them, helped him get them to the wall and then he attached them to the wall and added the trim pieces.  There is another piece that isn't shown in these pictures that surprised both Kyle and me.  He gave me the dimensions and I built it to those same dimensions, and when we slid that cabinet in it was square and fit perfectly - has to be a first for me (getting it squared!)  It's in and the trim is attached, but the cabinet itself hasn't been anchored to the wall.  As soon as that's done I'll add a picture of the one.

The cabinets add so much nice, usable space to Kyle and Deb's small living space.  I'm happy with the end result, and so are they - job done!

Remember where I started?
And then it started coming together...

Wall cabinets getting painted.
Center media cabinet ready to go, and loaded in the truck .

Oops, how did that happen?
See, this is oak - it was supposed to be birch!  Darn - but it looks nice  so I'm going with it!

And here it is finished!  Ready to ring in the New Year.

Congratulations Kyle and Deb!  I'm so proud of both of you - you've shown tremendous patience as you've tackled your remodeling project.  Hang in there - you're almost done!