Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's In - and it Fits!!!

Whew!  I delivered the dresser this morning - and as a bonus, had a delicious breakfast prepared by my friends, E & O.  But, the real bonus was that the dresser fits perfectly in their little niche, and it looks really nice there, too!

Thanks to Camper SIL who helped me load up this morning (Don't worry - it's not going anywhere!! - and thankfully it didn't!), and to O & E's big, tall, strong nephews who helped Oscar get it up the stairs, it is in place!

The lighting wasn't great (and photography isn't my thing!), but I'll show you how where it sits, and then I have a better picture that shows the pretty finished product.

This is the space it needed to fit into.  Just inches from the entry door on one side, and the  bathroom door on the other.
It couldn't protrude too far or it would impede the walk way into their bedroom.

This picture was taken as I was standing in front of the bathroom door - you can see the entry door,
and into the hallway.

This is the "pretty" picture, taken from the doorway into their room.  See, it fits just as we'd planned - just a few inches .
And, you can see that the color is a good match to their existing furniture (good choice, E!)
So, 20+ years of searching for a piece of furniture to fit their odd space, they finally have something that fits like it was custom made for them - oh, wait, it was custom made just for them!!  This is what I enjoy about woodworking!