Thursday, July 20, 2017

Projects I've been working on: Big Table and Heavy, heavy desk, oh, and an Over-John cabinet!

Happy mid-summer!  Boy has it been hot here.  Hot and humid.  It's made it hard for me to get up the energy to work on anything.  BUT, I had a lot of projects that I had enthusiastically started and I felt like I just had to finish them.  Now they are finished and my garage is full - too full to do anything else!  Which is okay, I have a legitimate reason to sit on my rear and binge watch the Dr. Blake Mysteries, and other BBS series that I have a fondness for!!

So, here's the latest from my garage:

First up, this big Custom made, beautiful, big, pine farmhouse table. Made with salvaged legs and common pine table top. About 7' long x 39" wide x 29-1/2" tall. Top is finished in a custom gray with very light brown undertones-it is solid and rustic with true signs of the age of the lumber. Legs are dark gray chalk paint, overlaid with white chalk paint, heavily distressed to show the age of the legs, and sealed. Several coats of polycrylic sealer on both the top and legs to protect and make this easy to wipe clean. This is not an heirloom table that you won't want to use - it is a table to be used and enjoyed!  This is for sale now for $395.  I'm hoping it sells quickly since it takes up half of my workspace!

Then, there's this large, heavy, solid, oak desk that was originally a stained, restored with Annie Sloan gray chalk paint, washed in white/light gray. Top stained in dark gray, lightly distressed to show bits of the original brown stain. Entire desk sealed with polycrylic finish. This desk has a few dings that only add to the character. The drawers, (2 pencil, 1 file, 1 med size) and the cabinet all are solid oak and have like-new working hardware. Solid, heavy workhorse! 60-3/4" long x 22" deep x 29" tall.   This was a Re-Store find that I just couldn't leave sitting in their lot!  It didn't have legs on the left side so I had to build a support system there.  I think I have it sold for $85, which is a steal, but then I got it for a steal, too 😁.  Again, I'm hoping this is out of my garage by early next week - it's taking up a quarter of my work space!  

And, finally, this Custom Over-john cabinet - do they still call them that?  
Anyway, I built this for camper daughter's downstairs bathroom. They have no storage in this room, but, it is just too big for their small space.  So, it's finished and ready to use and is now for sale.  It could really be used anywhere, but it will be perfect for a larger bathroom.  I hope to get $95 for this (hmmm, $85 for that desk and $95 for this - seems out of whack, but I actually made this and just finished the desk; I guess that makes sense!)

Anyway, until these things are gone, I'm stuck in the air-conditioned house, oh what a hardship! 

Stay cool!