Friday, August 21, 2015

Another garage update

After installing the latest monster project, I set about cleaning up my garage.  I took a look at my workbench top and realized it was horrible - paint stained, dried glue and resin creating rough, high spots, gouges from drilling and hammering into it.  It really was awful and needed to be replaced.

Simple job - or so I thought.  Unfortunately, when I built my bench, I built it to last.  I ended up cutting through the top to get to screws that were attaching it to the apron.  And, as I removed the top, it just collapsed.  And, so it turned into

Falling apart - Darn, I guess I have to build a new bigger and better bench!

So, my last bench was about 6 feet long.  I kept my saw about 2' back from it so that I could rip an 8' sheet of plywood.  This new bench is 9' long and I built a table for my saw to sit on.  I won't be able to move it, but I will be able to contain the sawdust a bit better!  Sawdust is the bane of  my existence. Now, most of the dust will fall into the open space below the saw, and I'll be able to just remove the container/drawer to get rid of all that sawdust.  At least that is the plan!

Large plywood top - not the greatest material for a workbench, but my last one lasted several years.  This has really thick plys so I'm hopeful I'll get another few years out of it!  I put a couple coats of polycrylic on it to help protect it from spills.  
This is a table I'd built from scrap lumber - trash lumber, and it showed!  But, I got it to work as an outfeed table for the saw.  Now, I think I'll put it on casters and store my drill press on the bottom shelf.  I can move the table wherever it is most useful - or just out of the way.  And, when I need to use the drill press this will be a perfect work surface.
This is my new miter saw station.  I love it.  the cabinets on either side support the material being cut, and provide so much storage.  My compressor and kreg jigs are on mobile bases under one side, and the other side has a large drawer and storage for cut off materials.  Under the saw itself is my shop vac - something I hope to utilize more in another effort to cut back on saw dust.  So far though I've had a hard time finding fittings to match the vac and the each piece of equipment.
But, another plan.

This wall will have a shelf above the work station, and under that a board with pegs to store jigs and sleds.  I've framed out the niche where all my  telephone and cable connections are and have made a door.  I need Lawyer doc to come move just one connection, then I can finally cover up that mess!

The garage is clean and I'm ready to start the next job - just as soon as I receive CAD drawings from Osborne on the custom legs their making for the beautiful console table I'll be building for my beach friends!  

But, first - Hawaii, 5 days of rest and relaxation on the beautiful beaches in Ko 'Olina.