Monday, February 13, 2012

I want to play with my toys. . .

And, I can't yet!

I went back to work today.  This is what most of my work looked like before much editing:

I went vack to wrk rotday. This is whar mosr od my woek looked like vedoee much edieing.

Typing with 3 fingers just doesn't work well!

But, I'm back to work.  I just wish I were back in the garage.  And, I would be if I didn't care if my finger healed properly.  Everytime I change my bandage, which is about every 3 days, I see this oozing open wound.  Shouldn't it be healing up by now???  There's this flap of stuff at the tip of my finger and I think it should be sticking to the rest of my finger by now, but it isn't.  So, I'm giving it more time - until next Monday, anyway!

I see the surgeon then.  If he says I'm on the mend, I'm heading home to sand my cradle and nail the next baby bed together (the one I was cutting wood for when the saw and I had our disagreement!).  I miss being in the garage, so much more than I missed work-work!

But, I do have to say, that I was happy to be back to work today.  I missed my coworkers, and I missed having something to do.  At a time when so many people are out of work, I truly am thankful to have a job that I can go to, where I enjoy the environment and the people I spend my days with.

But, still, hurry, hurry, hurry little finger - heal up!  I want to use you again soon.