Thursday, April 24, 2014

A little thing...

So, there is a local organization, Project Sister, that is devoted to helping women, children and men who are the victims of abuse.  I think they do good work and had an opportunity to donate a little doll bed to them at Christmas time.  I understand it is in use in the play room right now!

I have also been asked to participate in their organization, but really don't have the time right now to do much.  However, they are having their annual fundraising Gala soon and there will be a silent auction at the event.  I can't afford to purchase a ticket to the fundraiser, and those things really aren't my thing anyway, but I did want to help.  So, I built a little something that I hope will be an item that will get a few bids during the silent auction!

I have wanted to use some of my reclaimed lumber to build a wine storage piece.  I'm really interested in riddling racks, but think they are just too big for most homes, even the smaller ones.  Pictured below are riddling racks from Pottery Barn that I love!!  Each one is about 21" wide, 4-1/2 ft tall and 3.5 inches deep.  But, unless this hangs over a buffet or serving counter/table, when you have your wine bottles in there sticking out at least another 8 inches, I just see an accident waiting to happen!  And, not many people are going to have that kind of space anyway.  And, being the wine expert that I am, I'm sure the wine would probably be exposed to way too much light if these racks are hanging on a dining room/family room wall.   so not a great need for riddling racks!

Oh, but isn't that wood beautiful??

French Wine Bottle Riddling Rack 

So, bringing myself back to reality, I thought about something small, that would hang pretty much anywhere, offer enough wine storage (is there ever enough wine??)  and hold enough glasses for just a few people.  I pulled up some of the cedar boards Logger SIL sent home with me several months back.  They're pretty rough and dimensions are not the same, but I came up with something that might be useful and decorative (in the right rustic setting).  It's about 20" wide, 6" deep.  It holds 3 bottles, has storage for corks and cork screws, glass charms, etc. and holds probably only 4 glasses.  Nothing will be sticking out for someone to knock down - it should be safe!

I built a crate for 4 wine glasses that I'd picked up awhile ago at an estate sale.  They are very pretty but the stems are a bit wider than what my storage will hold.  So, the auction "item" will include the rack, a good bottle of wine, a corkscrew, the storage crate and 4 wine glasses.  Hopefully, someone will think it's different and functional and place a bid, and Project Sister will get a few bucks.  If not, well, hopefully someone will enjoy the wine!  

See, the crate even has handles made from the same reclaimed lumber!

I'm going to include a  link to their site in case you find this is something you want to learn more about or maybe it's something you'd be interested in supporting in some way.