Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tables - I love them!

Yep, I like building tables!  You take this simple wood and cut it and nail it, and sand it and stain it, and suddenly you have something to show for your hard work, that is so simply functional, and natural and beautiful.

The base for this table is big and hefty.  It definitely looks solid.   

The pictures are darker than the final finish, which is close to tables made for their living room and entry - kind of white-washed brownish-grayish.

The base is the same color as the top, but you sure can't tell from this picture!
Table made with 4x4s, 2x4s, and 2x6s.  Amazing what cheap basic lumber looks like all stained and pretty!

The top looks almost natural here, but it really is a brown-gray color.  
I've made a few tables now.  I don't have a favorite, but I did like this one.  The pictures aren't great, but the Docs have told me they love it.

And, a plus:
I needed some really long clamps to glue up this table top.  And, some time ago I had broken one of my long clamps-don't ask me how, it's heavy metal after all- so it was out of commission.
Hmmm... what to do?  Well, I fixed it, of course!
  And, it works!!!!

Latest builds - Upgraded closet

Over the past couple of years I've learned a lot about building.   I'm sure I over think the design and planning of my builds, I have to take into account how to handle the lumber during the build, and building materials are heavy.  I've tried my hand at miniature furniture thinking it might be easier, but although I have no problem handling the lumber, it's just as much work to make a doll bed as it is to make a queen size bed.  Board measurements are weird, tools are cool, I need a dust collection system and no matter how organized you think you are, when you're building something you can never find a pencil, tape measure or safety glasses!  And, the stand out thing I've learned - I don't like working with MDF or melamine, especially melamine!  It's so darned heavy!  The laminate flies all over when cutting, and the edges are sharp.  I hate it.

But, I did work with it - as a gift for my daughter.  They have a really strange closet - sort of like a low attic area.  It had a single rod all the way across an expanse of about 12 feet.  Horrible.  But, there really wasn't much you could do to improve the situation.  But, we tried!

First I built a center cabinet with shelves.  This was to allow her to stack her jeans and sweatshirts.  I included a narrow top shelf that would hold her numerous pairs of flip-flops and sandals.  And, then I added rods on each side, one side for Cara and one for Jon - guess which side is larger :-)
Then I added a narrow upper shelf on each side.  Although small, this was space they didn't have before.

I must say, too, that I had a good helper!
Center piece in - it was a struggle.  No straight walls at all!  And I can't measure worth beans...
Center cabinet - no shelves yet!  And, two rods.
At this point, I probably could have stopped - she was thrilled that she could see her shoes on the floor!

With shelves and lots of folded clothes.
Hanging clothes and space for shoes and scarves and hats and bags (and way too many things hanging on that rod!)
We need to change that rod out to a metal rod.

Jon's closet with access to shoes and folded clothes-straight rod!

They are both happy with their new storage space.  I'm happy to have it done.
I used some of the leftover melamine to make shelves for Miss Rachel's linen closet.  Just need to install the sides pieces for adjustable shelves!  And, then  I need to use up all the other leftover melamine and get it out of my garage!