Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funny thing about old age...

Don never could bring himself to say he was old - he would even say "I'm 61 years of age", never "I'm 61 years OLD".  I used to think that was funny.  I still think it was a funny way of saying your age!   But, I can relate to not feeling old.  I usually don't even think about my age.  But, recently I've noticed that there are times I feel my age.  Especially when I've been pushing and pulling and lifting and moving the heavy pieces that I'm working on.  For example, consider the day bed I'm currently working on.

I know it doesn't look like much right now, but these pieces will sit next to each other to form a platform that is 72" long X 30 inches deep X 19" high.  By building it in three pieces I can, without assistance, get this into a small space.  Then, an upholstered foam mattress will make this a daybed that my good friend, Judi, can use for her little grandchildren to sleep on when they're visiting.

These things are heavy!  They each have a drawer and those are heavy, too.  Put them together and believe me, I'm struggling to move those suckers!  I have to remind myself to use my legs to lift and to push not pull!

This might give you a better idea of the end product.  It still needs drawer fronts attached, which I can't do until I get that drawer in the upper right corner to slide in right-it's off by about 1/8th of an inch!

Then, my flexibility is being put to the test, too.  Consider this, in order to install those drawer guides I have to squeeze most of my upper body into that opening for the drawer, which in this case is 18-1/2" x 30".  I'm usually sporting some really colorful bruises from my contortions!  If the garage door is open, I'm sure the people driving by get a good laugh at seeing me bent every which way trying to set the teensy, tiny screws provided with the guides (that's a story for another time!).  If they could hear me swearing, they'd probably be scandalized!

And, then there's the vision problems.  I really do need to find a tape measure that will talk to me! I can't even follow that old adage "measure twice, cut once" - I still screw it up!  The fine print is just too fine.  And, tape measures get stretched at the end - did you know that?  That little metal lip thingy - it pulls loose and then your measurements are all off!  You wouldn't think a 16th of an inch would matter, but believe me it does!  I blame my tape measure on never getting anything square (being out of square really messes up the drawers!).

I am so physically and mentally tired after a day in the garage!  You'd think that would help me sleep, wouldn't you?  But, no.  I lie awake at night with measurements going through my brain and frustrations with cheap screws (that other story!) crowding out the sheep that I've taken to counting!

But, even though my tiredness, frustration, sore muscles, bruises and puncture wounds might keep me awake at night, the projects manage to keep my brain active, my joints lubricated, my heart beating steadily.

It's not "hope in a bottle" but certainly the time spent in the garage is helping to keep me young in spirit!

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