Friday, April 6, 2012

Garage Reorganization - Close to Done!

I was in Ft. Jones for a week, and returned home last Tuesday.  I didn't, however, return to work until Thursday!  Guess what I did Wednesday???


I did everything I could think of in the morning, and then grabbed a glass of iced tea and ventured out there.  Again, I stood there and felt completely overwhelmed.  I knew what I wanted to try but it involved moving so much stuff!  I thought and thought and thought - "do you really want to start this"?

Remember, this is what just one area of it looked like!
Well, I decided to go for it.  I pumped up my muscles, worked up a sweat, and got some things done!  Click here to see some pics of the process and results!

Clearing the back wall so that I can
move storage shelving here.

It's true that before things get better they have to get worse!
I wanted to quit at this point ,but sure couldn't!  I'd have never gone back out here!

Here is my new back wall!  I moved the shelving from the
left side of my garage. Those bins are heavy!

This is the "new" left side of my garage.
I can now plug my saw in to a plug on that wall
 instead of dragging an extension cord across the floor!

And, look!  I have all my folding chairs stacked neatly on the shelves, too.
That's a big bonus!

 Oh, my gosh - what happened here???

This is the right side of my garage.  And, it is still a big mess.  I
 worked, and worked, but after 6 hours I quit to go have dinner at Camper Daughter's house.  
We celebrated Don's birthday (he would have been 65 this year)!

If you look closely you can see that I'll have lots of room at the top of those shelves.  
I plan to put my empty tool cases up there.

The vacuum cleaner doesn't allow me to move those shelves, although I'd like to shove them down closer to the door!  I'm thinking I'll build a small cart, with wheels, for my router table and put it to the left of the vacuum.  The instructor at my woodworking class agreed to help me figure out the cheap router I bought.  It came with a table but I'm not able to adjust the height and the one time I did try to use it, it was really hard to control the wood-I'm pretty sure I put the thing together wrong!

I want to move my work bench up a bit and move my table saw towards the right end.  With the garage door open I'll be able to cut longer pieces of lumber and the bench (if I keep it cleared off) can work as an out feed table.

Wood storage is still a problem.  I try not to buy more than I need, but I do have a lot of scraps.  I'm burning the really small stuff, but there're lots of pieces that are still usable, and I need to find a good way to store that - hmmm, maybe I'll have more space on my lower shelves...  

And, cleaning out the garage caused this additional mess outside!
I'm still not sure how this happened, but now I have to clean this up, too!

 The weekend starts in about  45 minutes
(I'm doing a happy dance - something you don't really want to see - but I'm doing it anyway!).
I'm going to get this finished by tomorrow.
I have projects to start!

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