Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday gifts

Just a short post on a couple of things that were just darned fun to make.  I don't know how useful they'll be, but I loved how they looked!  So, lots of people on my gift list received one of these in one form or another.  (and I kept one for myself and I love it - I didn't think I'd use it, but I do.  In fact, I want one for work and for my bedroom, too - you haven't guessed what "it" is yet have you??)

And, before I show them to you, this is how they started out!  Slabs of cedar!  On my last trip to see logger daughter and SIL, logger SIL sent me home with a trunk load of cedar cut just for me!  The cedar would have made the car smell really good, but all it did was mask the awful smell of the oak that he also cut just for me!  I'm thankful for the oak, but all I can say is that is stinks to high heaven when it's wet!!  Thank goodness I had the cedar, too.

Love the live edge on this piece.  I don't know why it's called a live edge - the tree is dead.  

I don't have a planer, so I had to work with smaller pieces of wood.  And, in some cases I had to sand the heck out of the material to get a somewhat flat base.

Okay, here's what I made - ta da!
Do you know what they are???
Cell phone, tablet, Ipad stands!

This is just a teaser - I have to download/upload pictures for this gift.  Camper granddaughter's dad calls it the "walk in closet".

And, this was an experiment.  The knife block for Logger daughter and SIL.  He has some special knives that he uses when he's cutting his bucks.  He hides them so that they don't get put away with the other knives - says it will dull the blade!  So, I figured that he might like to have more space to store all the knives.  I used several blocks of cedar, ripped and "planed" on the table saw, joined with 1/4 inch hardwood pieces.
The front piece is just plain 4x4 fir - and even that was a bit big to get the angle right.  

 But, it works, and there is space for lots of knives!

And, that's what I did on my Christmas vacation!
I hope you did something  that brought you peace and pleasure.  

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