Sunday, September 7, 2014

End of summer "catch-up" with the Loggers!

Hi all.

So much has happened since my last post - a lot of work, and happily, a lot of play!

I waited and waited for a timeshare week in Hawaii to become available - and by the last weekend in August nothing was available!  So, I decided a visit to logger daughter and family was in order. Their area has been burning since the beginning of summer, and is still burning.  The air quality is horrible and I was hoping that when I visited most of the fires would be out and I'd be able to breath the clean fresh air they usually have.  That didn't happen - the fires are still burning and the acreage lost to this fire is devastatingly large.  But, on to the visit - I had a wonderful time.  The kids were still out of school so I had time to visit with them, too.  Logger SIL, although unable to work his normal job due to fire danger, was busy helping homeowners in the area clear the area around their homes and logging some of the trees that needed to be logged before they burned down!  We had no real build agenda for this trip so Logger daughter and I had a good visit, too.  I managed to visit with my sister-in-law and with a friend from the area.  We picked wild blackberries, too!  Yum.

And, of course, no trip there would be complete without some sort of home improvement job.  So, I "cleaned up" some of the things that were just waiting for someone to have some time to finish up.  And, remember, when I'm with logger daughter, there are no quick trips to Home Depot or Lowes!  If I can't find something to use in SIL's garage or in his wood pile, then it doesn't get done.  So, using what was there here's what we did:
Small bookshelf for master bedroom - to hold business folders and scanner.

Painted door trim - 2 doors - in laundry room.

Painted edges of shelving built and installed a year or so ago!

More painting - drawers built for boy's closet during a previous visit.

More painting - drawers built in granddaughter's closet during a previous visit.

This old style phone didn't fit on the phone face plate and during a previous visit I had tried to make it fit - that didn't work and it was hanging from a loose screw.  I built a raised box like thing to install the phone on to, and attached that to the wall with a french cleat.  It covers up the mess that I'd made last trip!

As of today, September 7th, the fires are still burning - thankfully, the logger family is safe, but so much of the beautiful area has burned and the forests will never be quite the same - at least not in my lifetime.  I'm praying that they have a long heavy rain storm - sooner rather than later!

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