Saturday, March 25, 2017

Easter season is upon us!

I've made a lot of crosses in the past couple of years.  I've given most of them away as gifts to family and friends.  But, I've sold a few and am happy to sell more!  Like tables, these crosses are a joy to make.

Well, for all that I've made, I do not have one!  And, with Easter fast approaching I thought this was the perfect time to make one for myself.  I post things on a Facebook page, too, and one of Camper daughter's friends saw it and wanted one for herself.  Mine is on my wall and hers will be mailed on Monday.  We'll both be ready for Easter!  (although, mine will hang on my wall all year long - I love it and the reminder of God's love for me and all of us).

Happy Easter Everyone!


Hers: (each one I make is unique)

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