Sunday, March 26, 2017

Patio set is ready.for summer!

Just an update on a patio set I completed.  It started its life as 3 chairs that I, and the person who gave them to me, thought were probably teak.  As it turned out, I think parts of the chairs might be teak, but other parts were just rickety old veneered wood.

But, I had a plan to bring them back to life - and I think this set turned out really nice!  I even dragged out my sewing machine and made some cushions for it.  I don't sew much anymore, but these will do until someone buys it and replaces the cushions with something that better matches their decor or style!

I have these listed for $75.  If they don't sell, they'll be donated to St. Louise de Merrilac's Frontier Days and will be either be available in their boutique booth or at their silent auction.

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