Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Worked Today!

Hooray!  I finally made it back out to the garage.  What a relief!  I can't believe how much I missed being able to use my tools.
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Let's see, I very, very, very carefully cut the final pieces for the bed that was my undoing two weeks ago.  I used the right saw this time - cross cuts on a table saw should not be done!!  (That's me reminding myself, okay?!)

I sanded the cradle I'm making for Olivia.  And, made the bedding (When the cradle is painted I'll post a picture of it with the cute little blanket.)

Technically, I wasn't in the garage when I finished the bedding for Kathy's beds.  That's a trundle bed on the left, and the bunk is complete with requested animal print bedding!

What a weekend!  It was so, so nice.  It wasn't easy, the finger doesn't work yet, but I covered it with a latex finger and tried not to bump it.  It hurts like heck when it gets bumped!  Which in a weird way is encouraging - at least I still have feeling there!

I also did laundry and cooked black bean soup for metal-mouth Kayden (braces and paraphernalia were attached on Friday!).

I see the Doctor tomorrow.  I think he'll say that God's done a good job so far, we'll just let him continue.  And, maybe I'll get a few more bandaids!

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