Monday, January 21, 2013


Baby, it's cold outside!  Or, it was!  And I don't work well in the cold!  But, I did manage to finish a few Christmas projects.

Camper daughter's family got a couple of revitalized thrift store chairs to go with the thrift store table and chairs I found for them back in August.  They aren't exactly the same, but I painted them an espresso color and covered the seats in the same fabric.  They look like they belong with the others!

The docs got a few picture ledges in different sizes and the promise of one with coat hooks to hang by their front door.
No pictures of these - I'm sure I took some, but darned if I can find them!  But, they look like the ones shown below.

Logger daughter's family received an information center that can be hung in the kitchen or in their office.  A place for pencils, papers and a chalkboard to jot down notes.  I used an unused kitchen door for this project.

And, the most important thing I did over the holidays was to use a few of my many, many, many empty wine bottles.  They looked kind of cute on the dining tables during our family Christmas dinner.

The holidays were wonderful, and the cold weather was a welcome difference to our usual too-warm Christmas season weather.  But, it's January 21st and it was 80 degrees - come on spring!

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