Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Monster!

Didn't I say I was done with BIG projects???  Well, I forgot!  And, I said yes to my good friend Elsa when she asked for a cabinet for her husband.

The cabinet is for the garage, and he'll use it to store his collection of jackets - yep, he collects a certain type of jacket that was very popular years ago, and is no longer being manufactured.  His collection has outgrown space in the house, and the cabinet they'd been relegated to in the garage.  They had space in the garage, but they couldn't find anything to fit that space - everything was either a bit too small, or too big, sooooooooooooo...

The result is a cabinet that I'm not even sure they can get in their garage!  It's huge, huge, huge.  And, heavy!  My Doc son came over today to help me stand it up, but we couldn't stand it up in the garage!  It's now standing in my courtyard.  It's okay for now, since we're still having summer weather (in November, for goodness sake!), but the weather guy says it could rain by Thursday or Friday.  Hopefully, they can arrange to come get this monster before then!  Otherwise, I don't know what I'm going to use to keep it dry!

Here you go, Elsa.  85" tall x 49.5" wide x 23.75" deep.  It's almost ready for pick up - Maybe Wednesday??

It has sliding doors because in addition to the storage, they do still have to park their cars in the garage.  They'd have to move cars out just to open the doors of the cabinet.

No More Big Cabinets!  Really!

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