Saturday, April 13, 2013

Table time...

When you have a teensy, tiny kitchen and you can't find a table to fit your space, what do you do?

KP (my young friend and a new interior designer) is doing a job that needs such a table.  I suggested that she look at my favorite haunt - the thrift store!  On a lunch break last week we headed out together - I don't miss a chance to see what treasures I might find!  And, just as I suspected they might, they had the perfect size table, it even came with 2 chairs.  It wasn't on sale for 50% off, but even at that it was a very good price.  BUT, it was sold.  And, darn it, but the selection was unusually limited.

Since I want to be in tip top shape for my upcoming trip to the islands, I'm trying very hard not to bend wrong, or lift something too heavy, or sneeze, but I figured I could help out KP and her client and still keep this weekend's project pretty simple and doable.

After an early morning trip to Home Depot, and having one of my favorite young sales guys help with some lumber, I was home and ready to work.  The result was a sturdy wood table just right for the client's kitchen, just right for the benches she already owns (they'll slide under it if she needs them to), ready to paint (she's going to paint it - yea!), and most importantly, day spent doing something fun without throwing my back out again!  Come on vacation!!

How about you?  I hope you did something you enjoy and had a wonderful day, too!

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