Friday, May 8, 2015

Table for the Docs

There's just something about tables...  They are big, bulky, sometimes hard to work on.  But, when finished, they are so different from the materials you start with.  From straight boards, you end up with something that is beautiful and functional.  I just feel good when I've finished one - even though there's usually enough swearing going on in the garage that you might think I hated what I was doing! My creaky bones and joints certainly make it challenging!

I've made a couple over the past few months.  The first was for the Docs.  They had a contemporary style, counter height table and they wanted something more rustic/chic to fit in with the style they have in their home.  As usual, I used inexpensive 2x and 4x material.  The finish is similar to what I used on their dining room and living room tables.  Sanding, conditioner, dark walnut, weathered oak, white wash, mixture of dark walnut and weathered oak, then coats of polyurethane.  And, lots of sanding in between coats.  The base is quite a bit darker than it looks in these pictures, but the top does have a lot of gray tones mixed with the browns.



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