Friday, May 8, 2015

Table for a Friend

This table was a challenge.  The wood was a bit twisted, and I should have opened up my planer and planed the boards to the same thickness.  But, I didn't.  Even with the challenges, I loved how it turned out.  Unfortunately, my friend and coworker, T, had a slight accident when transporting it home.  It has a bit more "character" than she'd planned on this early in her ownership of the table.

At some point this summer, I'll try to help her "fix" it.

T wanted something different.  She'd seen an octagonal shaped table and like it, so that's what sizwe went for.  If all else fails, it can be moved into her husband's "man" cave for poker nights!  It should easily seat six, and maybe a couple of small kids.

The finish on this: sanding, conditioner, dark walnut, provincial, watered down "sienna brown" paint brushed on to tone down grain, then more provincial, then coats and coats of polyurethane. The base is the same, but I used espresso on it to give it a "blacker" tone.  I loved the finish - it made a somewhat rustic table look very rich.

 In pieces                                                             Together

My dining room chair has a really large seat, I think T has something smaller in mind.

Finished - before pick up

And, the nasty scratch attained during the move!  It looked really large to me, but T says it's only a small scratch.  She was most upset by what look like teeth marks in the edge!

I think we can fix it!  I'm anxious to get a good "after" picture of this table in use!

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