Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's an entertainment center, no wait, it's a desk!

The past couple of weeks I was working on the Monster table for the Docs.  There was a lot of  time between finish steps when I was basically "watching paint dry".  I needed something to do.
Camper daughter had mentioned that she wanted to redo her son's bedroom but that she'd need to redo the closet organization before she could do anything to the bedroom.  She also mentioned that she'd like a small, simple desk for her office.  Well, the office and her son's room are going to be going through their changes at the same time since furniture in one room will be switched out and moved to the other room.  I figured it would help if the desk were completed, and the closet organization stuff was ready to go once the "move" got started.  The closet stuff is started, and Thanks to a lucky find, the desk is complete.

I've mentioned before in this blog that I have a couple of favorite thrift stores that I like to scrounge for tables and things that I can use for my projects.  One day shortly after my conversation with Camper Daughter I was in the thrift store when all furniture was 50% off.  I eyed an oak entertainment center - you know what I'm talking about, I think we all had one.  Like this:

This isn't the one I bought, but it's very similar (see mine in the truck bed).  In any case, I saw it and thought "desk".  So, I brought it home and had my way with it!

I had to take all the doors off of it before I could get it out of the truck.

Here, if you look closely, you can see the black line I drew where I planned to cut it to desk height.

The top came off easily.

And, it was pretty easy to get it cut down to size.

Here it is, right after I took the circular saw to it and redesigned it to have two sides and an open center, and with the top just sitting on it.

I added another short piece to create a small open area on the right side. (disregard that piece in the back - it was there temporarily to stabilize the piece while I worked on it.) And, sanded and filled areas, and added a taller base moulding (not seen in this picture).

And, almost ready for stain and paint

And, finished.  I used a homemade chalk paint and applied a couple coats of polyurethane.  The top is stained with Minwax Dark Walnut.  There are shelves for each side so that she can add baskets to hold her paperwork - or, if she decides that a drawer on the left side will be better use of the space, I can use the door I saved and painted to make one.

Not too shabby for an old piece of furniture.  And, for $35 it's darned close to just what she wanted!  This has been delivered and is in place.  I don't think she's had time to sit down and work at it, but I do know that Camper granddaughter used it as a sewing table and confirmed that it's a great work space!

First part of the reorg done.  Closet organizer due about July 10th!

It's hot as heck right now - hopefully after a couple weeks visiting Logger daughter and family it will be cool enough to work here.

Happy summer!

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