Friday, May 18, 2012

I took a walk today...

Actually, I try to walk every day during my lunch break.  I walk with a couple of coworkers, one of whom walks faster than most people run!  She challenges me everyday just to keep up with her!  But, today, I walked by myself.  It was beautiful, not too hot, not cold at all.  And, flowers are in bloom everywhere.  I have a new fancy, schmancy phone and it takes much better pictures than the old phone that took a swim in the loo!  So, I snapped a picture of a pretty yellow day lily.  I love these flowers - they just scream springtime!  Wouldn't you agree?


And, since I was on the move today, I decided to continue the theme when I got home.  I wasn't happy with the hinges on the legs of my movable table.  So a quick stop at Home Depot and I had a different type of hinge that works much better than my initial choice.  I was able to attach the legs, finish the edge banding (I had to get more of that, too.), and here she is all ready to stain.

(And, speaking of better pictures, the Docs gave me one of their old cameras.  You might have noticed that that last several pictures I posted are much, much, better quality!  And, one of the high tech gifts I got for Christmas inserts into that camera and sends the pictures directly to my computer!  I was taking pictures just to watch them pop up in the "My Picture" folder!  Such fun!!)

So, here it is all closed up...  Perfect space to store a sewing machine, right??

And opened up...

Isn't the grain in the top interesting?  I can't wait to see it all stained!  I'll post some pictures then of the finished product!

If I make another one of these I will adjust the plans a bit so that I can use locking leaf hinges instead of the fold-up legs.  Unfortunately, I had this built before I realized that you needed a 1-1/2 inch overhang on the top in order for that type of hinge support to work.

But, I'm pretty sure that this will work just fine for Camper Daughter's wonderful neighbor.  Sure hope so!

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