Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Sewing Stuff...

Sew, ah, So, I'm making a movable, expandable table for Camper Daughter's neighbor.  It will be additional workspace in her sewing room.  The plan is that it will  function as an accent table or end table until it's needed for spreading out quilting materials.  Closed, it's about 32" by 15".  Open, it's about 32" x 72".

The cabinet portion will offer storage space for her sewing machine and/or baskets of sewing notions.  I've only see pictures of this at my favorite DIY site,, so I'm hoping it really does turn out as nicely as I'm expecting it to, and that it's as functional as I'm thinking it will be!

This is upside down - see the wheels at the top of the picture?  Only one of the castors is locking - what do you think?  Is that enough or should I add another locking castor?  Hmmmm...
I have one of the folding leaves attached with hinges and have added one
of the legs - it's that piece of 1x2 at the very edge of the leaf.
Waiting for another fold-up leg on this side and for the other side leaf to be put on.
I tried to add a locking hinge to this, but heck if I could figure out how to make it work!  I finally gave up.  I'll just add the hinged legs and tell her this is one table that she can't dance on!

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