Sunday, March 23, 2014

And, even more tables!

A few weeks back I finished a couple more tables for the Doc's new home.  They've moved on to the outside so they'll be ready for summer; so for now, I'm taking a break from their work!

Legal Doc took some pretty good pictures of them in place.  So, here's what was delivered last:

Living room table & hall console
The living room and dining room are side-by-side, so the finish on these is the same as their dining room.  And, these tables are accented with metal hardware, too.

You can't tell from these pictures, but the finish has a grayish undertone,
which is beautiful with their new sectional with the tan pillows.

The X feature wasn't as difficult to do as I thought it might be.  But, as I'm constantly reminded when I'm building anything - I am sadly lacking in math skills!  Good grief, I had to figure out those angles! 

Another thing you can't tell from these pictures is that the top is not very straight!  My next purchase is going to be a planer.  I like working with the 2x material, but oh my is it difficult to get a straight piece of lumber!  Thankfully, the Docs think that just adds character to the piece!  God bless 'em!

And, here's the console.  This was just a bit more difficult because the space for those X's was narrower.  But, it's pretty solid and level, and gives them some pretty place to put their keys!
(and maybe shoes??)

Gosh, I love those urns, pots, whatever they are - really pretty, don't you think?  
Doc Doc has really good taste!

Next up for them - a pretty wood ice chest stand/holder/thing.  
I'd start it, but Legal Doc has to provide some beer bottle caps for it - a lot of them!  
He assures me that he's working very hard at that job! :-)

Materials:  2x material, 3/4" pine boards, metal L-brackets, 1.5" bolts, black spray paint
Finish:  8 steps, 1 coat conditioner, special walnut stain, weathered oak stain,
white wash, combined stain, three coats of polyurethane, sanding between steps.   
Cost for both:  About $300 in materials + finish material
Time:  A couple weeks, finish took most of the time!

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