Sunday, March 23, 2014

Re-use, Recycle for a better shop!

I thought I'd share with you that I have been searching for a better glue bottle.  I know, this is probably something you've been pondering over, too.  It's a problem, that's for sure.  The bottles you buy at home depot have those lids that have a mechanism inside that are supposed to move up and down and keep the opening open so the glue can flow through.  Well, we all know none of those lids work!!
I end up hammering the darned thing to break up the dried up glue, cutting it shorter to get to the dried up gunk, and driving screws through it to allow for flow.

Well, I found a much better bottle, from Heinz Ketchup - who knew??  When the glue dries on the lid, it peels right off.  It doesn't gunk up the opening so the lid is able to close.  The only problem is that even though the opening is tiny, a lot of glue comes out of it!  Way too much glue.  I've made it work by being extra careful, and perfecting the swoop to end the glue run.

But, yesterday at lunch I topped my hot dog with the last of my favorite spicy brown mustard.
And, as I rinsed the bottle out I noticed that teensy opening and had an "Aha" moment!

Just as I thought, French's has created the perfect glue bottle - and just didn't know it!
It's working out perfectly in my shop- I get a nice thin glue line and maybe because the opening is raised up a bit, ending the flow of glue is easy peasy!  Still no sticking to the top, no gunking up the opening, it's PERFECT!  
Now I just need more spicy brown!!

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