Thursday, October 20, 2011

And more storage...

I have a young friend at work.  In some respects she reminds me of my daughter-in-law; they both love clothes and shoes!  Well, one day I got a call from my friend and she explained that she had a huge problem.  She had purchased lots of plastic bins to store her many pairs of shoes, but the bins took up too much space in her closet and she could no longer hang her dresses there.  She'd measured the small area between her bed and the closet and she had 24" of space.  Her question: Would it be possible to have a cabinet made to fit there.

Honestly, I was surprised.  Was she really willing to pay for materials to add two feet of storage space?  Would that really give her the extra space she needed?

Turns out she was serious.  And this cabinet fit perfectly in that tiny space.  It will provide her an extra 2 feet of hanging space and 2 additional drawers.  She was so excited when I delivered this and we slid it into place.
I told her that I didn't want to paint or stain it (I really don't like that part!), so, she did that.  It's painted an Espresso color.

I made lots of mistakes on this one (if you're reading this Keiry, don't go looking for them!) - I really need to get something that reads accurate measurements to me!  But, it's surprising how easy it is to "fix" things so that no one else is aware of any goofs.  I was really pleased with how this turned out - and thrilled that something that kept me busy and taught me so many lessons made her so happy!

And, finished and in place - It looks terrific, Keiry!

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