Thursday, October 20, 2011

Espresso anyone?

My daughter and her husband have a small house.  They maximized their space by concealing their media equipment in a closet directly behind their large TV.  That left their living room looking like a bowling alley!  They wanted a cabinet to sit under the TV, but because their room is very narrow they didn't want it to be as deep as most cabinets available for purchase.  I spent several weekend days shopping with my daughter for the "perfect" piece.  It had to be the right depth, longer than the TV, and cheap!  Finally, I just didn't want to shop anymore!  I told her I might be able to make something that would work.  

I think she doubted that I was serious, so when I told her I'd purchased material to make their cabinet, a look of concern crossed her face!  I can only imagine what she was  thinking - probably "Oh my gosh, am I really going to have to put some horrible looking thing in my living room just so I don't hurt my Mom's feelings??"

Well, I think my first real project was a success.  It's not perfect, but most of my goofs are hidden, and this media/wine cabinet looks nice in their living room.  It's the perfect size for their space, too.  I also made them 2 coordinating end tables.  (I made 2 end tables just like this one for a coworker.)

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